Web3 Focused

3D Artists &
Metaverse Developers

About Us

Focused on Web3 & Creating Businesses in Virtual Reality

We’re excited about the possibilities provided by blockchain combined with 3D & Virtual Reality Technologies. Our internal projects, partnerships, and client projects are all moving toward the future.

Exploring, Learning & Creating

Helping People Stand Out When They Need To

LuxeVR 3D Assets, Services & Club

Avatar Wearables & Accessories

We design & develop avatars along with jewelry, clothing and any needed accessories

Club Member Services

We focus on making sure our clients and club members are able to use their assets and have access to whatever is needed for their situaions.

Renders & Media

We provide Photorealistic 3D Rendering and media for almost any need.

World Templates

We create custom-built world templates that match almost any need and for many platforms

Our Mission

Help Businesses Incorporate The Metaverse

Strategic Consulting

Event Hosting

Content Resources

We build everything from the ground up

2ndLr (2ndLife Rich)

Founder & Developer

Our Approach

We design & develop to match the client’s vision

We are a small team of 3d artists, coders, and developers who have the skills to create almost anything we see.

Around The Metaverse

Small Gallery Of Our Highlights

Stand out at Metaverse Events & In Your Content

We’re going to keep evolving with the metaverse and all the platforms that come up. The AltspaceVR shutdown was painful for us, but we keep moving and continue to expand

2ndLr (2ndLife Rich)

Founder / Developer